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President: Ms. Juanita Forte
Vice President: Ms. Wendy Harrison

Joining the Women's League or Men's fellowship is a great way to meet new people and get involved in an activity you enjoy. 
They offer Bible study, self-esteem building and more.
Contact us for more information and meeting times.

Illustration: Poker Night


The Annual General Meeting for the election of new Officers for the year 2008 - 2009 were held. This meeting was Chaired by the Rev. Colton Bennet.
After nominations the new officers elected are as follows:
President: Mr. Ralph Boyce
Vice President: Mr. Clennell Hinds
 Secretary: Mr. Earl Arthurs
Treaturer: Mr. Neil McNeal
Public Relations: Mr. Clennell Bynoe
Floor Members: Mr.Floyd Maison / Mr. Philmore Goodman / Mr. Anthony St. Hill / Mr. Erskine Griffith

Click to view Geriatric Parking- Who says old age isn't fun for men!! Have A Good Laugh- MEN!!

Click here to View Nursing Home of the Future

More soon!

Check our calendar page for listings of events.

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